COVID-19 Information & Updates

Club Update - 18th July 2021

COVID-19 - Stage Four of the Government's Roadmap

As you are aware the government has announced that they will be moving to stage four of their roadmap to lift restrictions on 19th July.  At this time, the tennis club is waiting for detailed guidance to be published by the relevant bodies confirming how this will affect tennis venues.  

However, whilst the club waits for the guidance to be issued, we feel it is important to share with members details of how the club is intending to move forwards on Monday.  If necessary, a further update will be provided to members once we have received the guidance. 

The limit on the number of people gathering indoors and outdoors has been removed so we are pleased to confirm that the clubhouse will fully reopen from 19th July.  Members may use the kitchen and toilet facilities, as well as all of the table and chairs.  We will continue to provide hand gel in the clubhouse and we recommend that members use this when entering the clubhouse. We would also encourage members to continue to use their own water bottles whilst at the club, although we will ensure that paper cups are available in the kitchen for use.  Please would members dispose of any rubbish in the bins provided and wipe down the tables and kitchen area after use.  We must stress that anyone entering the clubhouse does so at their own risk.   

Although there will no longer be a legal requirement to wear face coverings, we will ensure that there are face masks available in the clubhouse should members wish to continue wearing a face covering whilst in the clubhouse.  Wearing a face covering in an enclosed space is recommended by the government to help reduce the risk of infection for yourself and others.  We would also ask that when members are in the clubhouse that the door is left open to allow fresh air to circulate.  

Whilst social distancing is no longer mandatory, we would kindly ask members to continue to consider the risk of close contact with others and respect those members who wish to continue practising social distancing.

As always, if any member has any concerns about their safety whilst at the club, please do not hesitate to contact us. No-one should leave home to visit the club if they, or someone they live with, has symptoms of COVID -19.

Please note that members must continue to use the court booking system and ensure that the full names of the other players on court with you are given, as well as confirming whether a player is a member or a guest.  

In addition, the club will continue to operate the event/coaching booking system as this has proven very successful since it was launched last year.  All of the routines and protocols in place for coaching sessions will remain the same.

It is our intention to wait for further guidance from the relevant bodies before making any changes to the way members sign-in for club sessions.  Therefore, we would kindly ask that members remain patient and for the short term continue to sign the orange book on their arrival. However, we no longer require club session coordinators to run the sessions.

We should also like to politely remind members that if you are the last person to leave the courts or the clubhouse that the gates/doors are closed/alarmed as you leave the club. 

Finally, a huge thank you to members for your support over the last year and for following the COVID-19 procedures that we had in place at the club.  We appreciate that it has been frustrating at times, but it has helped to ensure everyone’s safety at the club.  Thank you!

We wish you all a happy and healthy summer.