All subscriptions are paid annually and expire 31/03/22
A discount applies if subscriptions are paid before 1st May (excluding junior, parent and social members).
Our club uses an online membership system where you can join us, renew and view your membership.

Prices updated: February 2021

Membership Type Price Notes
Full Members £214 (£204 discounted)
Couple £357 (£342 discounted)
Family £403 (£383 discounted) 2 adults and dependent children under 18 or still in full time education.
Yellow Ball Juniors and Students £71
Parent £77 This membership is for parents of junior members to play solely with their children.
This membership does not permit play with members other than
with your children or in Club sessions and matches.
Red/Orange/Green Ball Junior - 1 Child £36 Until moved into yellow ball class
Red/Orange/Green Ball Junior - 2+ Children £56 Please be aware if you only pay the £36/£56 mini membership your child
is only permitted to play on the courts if accompanied by one of the club coaches.
Social Member £10 Non playing member